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Breezy, Sky Blue Dining Room

Making mood boards is so enjoyable because I can play around with so many styles & varying designs. Usually whatever I'm feeling inspired by is what is going to make an appearance. Today, I'm really missing the beach. All weekend I have been looking up AirBnB beach houses for my family's annual trip to Charleston. It makes me a little sad how poorly done a lot of rentals are. Some of them have so much potential. It's on my bucket list to acquire a small home to turn into a rental property one day, & do it well! To make a place that people can make really amazing memories at and feel comfortable in. It doesn't have to be complicated. That's some of the thoughts running around in my mind while creating this little dining room. It's not complicated at all, but very charming, subtle, & tasteful. A place my family would really enjoy on a little beach trip.

Breezy, Sky Blue Dining Room:

04. Rug



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