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Boho, Monochromatic Bedroom Mood Board

I have a deep seeded love for all things white in my home. Bedsheets=all white, curtains=all white, towels=all white, walls=all white, couch=all white. It's a curse and a blessing. Curse because it can be very difficult (esp. with a husband that loves homesteading & comes inside often covered in red clay & a puppy dog who loves to go outside & roll in dirt, dig in dirt, eat dirt -seeing a pattern?-) to keep things clean. Blessing because it gives me a lot a peace & mental clarity to have so much negative space surrounding me. It's also a decently easy way to make your home feel very cohesive. When I was growing up my mom was very into themes. Each room in our house had a specific theme, Wild West, Rock'n'Roll, Groovy 70s, India, all with a varying array of colors & patterns. It seemed really fun at the time. But now, I really love the whole house flowing seamlessly together & carrying a central "theme" or style throughout. Carrying a central color, especially white, throughout a home, is a great way to blend each room into the next & allows other items to really stand out. This is very common in Scandinavian design. I wanted this room to feel very relaxed & subdued. People often are afraid a completely white space will feel too sterile or boring. This room is neither. There's so much texture, & I love mixing things like wood and metals for interest. It's a little slice of boho heaven.

Boho, Monochromatic Bedroom:

06. Rug

13. Basket



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