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Wes Anderson Inspired Sitting Room

Wes Anderson is notorious for his style, if nothing else. Kitschy patterns, nostalgic furnishings, & bold colors all play dramatic roles in his movies. You can see this everywhere from the clothing the actors wear to the detailed sets that bring each film to life. His work is so identifiable because each film has a specific vintage color palette that he exaggerates every chance he gets. I wanted to make a space inspired by the textures, colors, & patterns he uses throughout his films, & this was especially fun because a lot of the furnishings I used are kind of ugly on their own, but together they make sense. He uses a lot of 70s inspired colors, orange-mustard-brown, and mid-century modern furniture. These are especially prevalent in Fantastic Mr. Fox & part of The Grand Budapest Hotel. I also wanted to mix in some traditional elements, like molding, symmetry, & few "formal" furnishings, because these also show up in his films.

Making spaces inspired by people with styles much different than mine is so fun because it lets me think in a different way & appreciate design that I normally wouldn't. What's your favorite Wes Anderson film?

Wes Anderson Inspired Sitting Room

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