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Modern Boy's Bedroom

Do you ever feel like boy's rooms are limited to either sports or superheroes? I mean I get it. If they like baseball, let's hang up some Braves posters, and call it a day. But this is the thing that always gets me about kid rooms - - you decorate them when they're a baby, their nursery, and then you change it up once they're 7 because they're too old for that, and then again when they're 12 because preteens, and then again when they're 16, and then they leave for college. Thats FOUR TIMES. So, here's what I say, let's start from when they're still little, give their room good bones to work off of (like classic furniture, a neutral rug, a few good furnishings, etc.) that won't need to be changed up as much, & then just change the accessories as they get older. Then it's simple modifications along the way. That way, if they're in a Batman faze, that's cool. Some batman here and there never hurt no one, but that Batman mural and Batman bed and batman lamp and batman comforter and batman playhouse all will only be "cool" for a few years. Then they're going to hit their British invasion faze and want The Who and The Beatles everywhere. So I stuck with neutral colors, grey-brown-black-wood, and classic shapes, mid-century furnishings, and added some fun wall art and a play area, all of which can be customized and moved around SO easily. Make rooms that can grow with your kids.

Modern Boy's Bedroom:

06. Bed

20. Fern



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