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Entry Way Mood Board

Entry ways can be tricky. I find people usually go in one of two directions, either focusing entirely on the aesthetic (i.e. having a bench with a fur throw, a pillow, & a cute tray on it that you could never actually use to sit on because of all the decor that's in the way) or on storage (having their collection of 50 winter coats packed on hooks with everyone's shoes piled in a corner and a basket full of random keys). I understand both, & I'm sure I've done both of these. However, I have 100% found that the best entry ways incorporate both the functional and the aesthetic. Sure, have a cute bench with some decor, but be able to sit down to take your shoes on or off. Have a couple hooks for a coat or purse, but don't store your entire winter wardrobe at the entry way of your house. Find a balance of the two, & I promise you will feel much better entering or leaving your home.

Boho Entry Way:

02. Runner

09. Basket

Coastal Entry Way:

03. Runner

04. Mirror

05. Palms

08. Bench



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