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Propagating Succulents: Part 1

I'm an avid fan of house plants. They're my favorite kind of decor, & they really start to grow on you (see what I did there, pff.) But do you know what's better than a house plant? A free house plant. So, trying to be productive on my snow day, I decided to take some of my leggy looking succulents & try my hand at propagating them into healthier, new, baby plants. Obviously, this isn't something that happens overnight, so I thought we could go on this journey together. I'll keep you posted on the progress of these little guys & hopefully let you know what works and what doesn't work. For Christmas my husband got me a plant light, because I'm a plant nerd, & I'll be using that to hopefully speed this process along a bit. You definitely do not have to have one of those, though. Just use a bright sunny window.


-Some leggy, mature succulents that are stretched out

-Cactus & succulent soil

-Water in spray bottle

-Paper towel


Step 01:

Gently pull off some of the lower leaves from the base stem

Step 02:

Place leaves on a paper towel & put the leaves in a sunny spot or on your window sill. Leave them there for around a week.

Step 03:

Allow the leaves to develop a callus or scab at their ends, where they were originally attached to the stem.

Step 04:

Once the leaves have callused over, move the leaves from the paper towel to a plate with the cactus & succulent soil spread out across it. The leaves should then develop roots. Leave the plate in a sunny location.

Step 05:

Mist the cuttings lightly with water once a week.

Step 06: Soon a tiny, new growth should appear on the leaves. I will update you all in a few weeks with how my little guys are doing. I have some cuttings in the first two stages of growth & can't wait to see their progress.



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