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Indigo Guest Bath

Whenever my kitchen & bathroom look good, I feel like I look good. My whole life feels more put together. I'm not 100% why this is, maybe it's because those are two very functional & highly used rooms in our homes. I just feel more balanced & on track & enjoy being at home so much more.

I think guest spaces are also SO fun to put together because they're spaces you don't use regularly & you can incorporate fun patterns or bold statement pieces you wouldn't in your own bed or bathroom. That's why, in the guest bath, I wanted to use a really beautiful wallpaper along with tile on the walls. Wallpaper is a favorite of mine right now, but in bathrooms with showers and steam they can start to peel, so guest or hall baths are the perfect opportunity to utilize it.

Indigo Guest Bath Mood Board:

05. Tile

06. Vanity

09. Wall Art

13. Toilet

15. Rug



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