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Live Wreath Tutorial

Some people love Christmas Trees, some people love the snow, some people love the shopping & gifts, I love wreath making.

Of all the parts of the Holiday season, my favorite is getting out in the crisp air, with sheers in hand, & foraging some evergreen branches & holly berries to make the wreath that will go on my front door. Nothing is more gratifying than making something beautiful from the natural elements. You can make it completely out of things you find in the forest (tree branches, pine cones, berries, vines) or you can add dried flowers or grocery store floral finds (lavender, straw flower, cotton, eucalyptus, limonium).


-Wreath Form (wire or grape vine works)


-Wire Cutters




Step 01:

Gather a small cluster of various greens & lay them against your wire wreath form. I try to fan them out and place them at various lengths so they cover the wire well. Begin to wire them to the form by wrapping wire over them to make sure they are secure. You can either cut multiple, small pieces of wire to secure the stems or keep one long, continuous strand. I usually opt for the one long, continuous piece.

Step 02:

Continue repeating step one as you work you way around the wreath. I find it helpful to periodically hold my wreath up to see how the branches are laying.

Step 03:

Once you have finished wrapping greens around the wreath, tuck in your accent stems. I used blue thistle, limonium, & privet berry. Finally, finish with a bow & hang on your door!



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