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Tree Trimming Guide

Decorating the Christmas Tree is one of the most quintessential Holiday traditions in the book. Turn on some Bing Crosby, put on a warm sweater, stir up some hot chocolate, & begin unraveling the lights & unpacking the ornaments. It represents the beginning of the Holiday season. Children examine each ornament & run their fingers over the glitter & porcelain, making a memory to last a lifetime. It's something tucked away from all the busy stores & commercialism. Then there is the timeless decision, real tree vs. artificial. I can't settle that argument for you. However, if you are need of inspiration for tree decor, I'm your girl. I've put together a little guide for you incorporating different styles & color palettes. Also, there are several handmade ornament tutorials up on the blog, if you're looking for something a little more sentimental.



08. Tinsel




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