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Feminine, Floral Vanity Mood Board

Every morning I sit down at my vanity to put on makeup & get ready for my day. It's my girly space where I have most of my beauty products & some of my most treasured photos & favorite quotes that I get to look at each morning while I get ready. It's honestly a little therapeutic, & I hate getting ready anywhere else. I have a comfy chair & good lighting, put on some good music & hand me a cup of coffee & I'm ready to begin my day right there. I think every girl should have a place for a vanity. I think they work best in bathrooms; mainly because if I have to get up before my husband I feel bed turning my lamp on & waking him up, so in bathrooms you won't disturb anyone. But bedrooms work, too! All you really need is a desk (preferably with drawers) & a big mirror, & you're all set.

Feminine Floral Vanity:

12. Vases



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