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DIY Christmas Pompom Garland

Garlands are my FAVORITE part of decorating for Christmas. You can put them on your tree, on your mantel, over a door frame, on a table runner. SO MANY OPTIONS! I wanted to make one that was super simple & could be made in less than an hour. Also, I love using soft textures like felt & yarn for Christmas, so this Pompom Garland was perfect!


- Yarn (I used a thicker, wool yarn)

- String (I used crochet yarn)


-2 wooden beads (optional)

Step 01:

Take yarn & wrap it around 2 fingers 50 times

Step 02:

Take a separate string of yarn & string it through the loops of yarn on your fingers & tie a knot

Step 03:

Take scissors & cut through loops of yarn & fluff.

Step 04:

Tie to string & repeat. Tie wooden beads to end of each side of garland.



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