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Christmas Decor Styling Guide

There are SO MANY Christmas decorations out there, sometimes it gets overwhelming. The last thing I want is for my home to feel like the Cracker Barrel of Christmas, with a random hodge podge of various Christmas decorations strewn about everywhere. I like to take a step back, think about what kind of Christmas decor would compliment my home the way it already is, & then move forward to find decorations that make the space feel curated & cozy instead of random & uninspired. For instance, if I already have a lot of metallic fixtures in my home, I would look for ornaments & other decorations that are brass, gold, or silver because it would coordinate & look cohesive.

Therefore, I have come up with a guide to help give direction to your holiday decorating, taking into consideration color, style, & current trends. I hope this can be, at least, a starting place for you as you're planning out your home decor for the Holidays : )







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