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DIY Winter Pillow Cover

Decorating for the Holidays is so much fun! However, sometimes it can feel overwhelming and get expensive pretty quickly. That's why I love finding DIYs that are sophisticated & easy to decorate my home for the Holidays. It is a great way to save money, & it also adds a touch of sentimental value to have decorations you & your family hand-made.

For this DIY, I am taking a pillow from home and creating a winter, flannel covering for it. I see all of these beautiful Christmas pillows when I'm out & about. But, I think it makes much more sense to make coverings for the pillows you already have, as opposed to buying a bunch of brand new pillows. This DIY is SUPER easy. Do not be intimidated, the sewing is incredibly simple & can be done by hand if you don't have a sewing machine. Also, most any woven fabric would work for this. I recommend thicker fabrics for pillows, especially if the pillow you're trying to cover has a bold print. You don't wont the design on the pillow underneath to show through. I call these "winter pillows" because I don't think they're necessarily Christmasy, which I like because I feel like they can be used as early as fall until it starts to get warm.


- a pillow to cover (mine measured 20" x 14"

- 21" x 15" piece of fabric

- 21" x 13" piece of fabric

- 21" x 7" piece of fabric

- sewing tools (machine, needles & thread, scissors, measuring tape)


Step 01:

First, measure the pillow you will be using to find the dimensions. My pillows are 20" x 14" & 18" x 18". I will be using the 20" x 14" in this demonstration. If you are using an 18" x 18" or another size, just make sure you have a 1/2" clearance on each side of the pillow & account for the 2 smaller pieces of fabric to overlap on the back.

Step 02:

Measure & cut your fabric into the 3 different sizes.

Step 03:

Iron the 3 pieces of cut fabric

Step 04:

Take the 2 smaller pieces of fabric & fold the bottom edge of each 1/2" up. Iron the fold down to create a nice crease. Repeat this step again on each of the smaller pieces of fabric to completely hide the bottom frayed edges (fold & iron). These will be the 2 edges that create the opening on the pillow case.

Step 05:

Sew the crease you created on each of the smaller pieces of cut fabric. Backstitch at the beginning & end of the seam.

Step 06:

After sewing the 2 edges on the 2 smaller pieces of fabric, lay the largest piece of cut fabric

face up. Then lay the 2 smaller pieces of fabric on the of that, face down. The two sewn edges should overlap in the middle.

Step 07:

Pin the fabric around the outside edges.

Step 08:

Sew around the outside edges, removing the pins as you go. Backstitch when beginning & ending a new side.

Step 09:

Turn the pillow case inside out and stuff with your pillow!



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