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Easy Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving can be stressful. There's a ton of food to prepare, a house to clean, and you have to make sure Uncle Steve and Cousin John don't end up sitting beside of one another. However, having a nice, formal table setting doesn't have to be crazy difficult. It seems like there can be so many pieces, with all of the flatware, dinnerware, and then decorations to boot. However, I wanted to show you a simple table setting that is stylish, practical, easy to put together, and won't break the bank.

Step 01.

First, pick out a larger plate that you will use for the main course & flatware. I wanted to find a plate that was neutral colored & modern, & gold flatware makes such a statement. It can be a little bit of a splurge, but Target has these for $2 per utensil.

Step 02.

Find a napkin to fold and place on top of the dinner plate. Linen is my favorite, but these cotton plaid napkins are perfect for this time of year. I like to leave the end of the napkin hanging off the bottom of the dinner plate. Also, a more formal place setting will have several more utensils (for salad, soup, butterknife, etc.); however, my family usually doesn't have salad or soup on Thanksgiving, so I didn't feel the need to include more. (Also, it means less dishes winkwink**)

Step 03.

Next, find a smaller plate to place on top of the napkin for dessert. I love the gold rim around this one, from Magnolia's Hearth & Home line at Target.

Step 04.

Place Cards. Ok, these will take your table from "nice" to "impressive" real quick. It might seem a bit unnecessary, but I think it takes all of the guesswork out of it for your guests, which can be a really thoughtful gesture. They don't have to worry about making room for others, & it's a surefire way to keep those family feuds at bay by keeping guests beside of those they enjoy sitting next to. These were so simple to make. I took some cardstock, cut it into strips, wrote out the names in a pretty cursive with a gold sharpie, folded the ends of the strip & cut at an angle to create a "V" when opened, & lastly, took a pencil and wrapped the ends to curl them and pulled the pencil out in opposite directions on each side to make the left side go up & the right side go down. Walah!

Step 05.

I literally cut these stems off of a tree branch right outside. They're a little big & usually I would love to use a sprig of rosemary or olive, but those would most likely have to be bought from a wholesaler, & the point of this table is that it is easy! So a tree cutting will absolutely work! Be creative, use a leaf or blue thistle. Then take your place card & place over your cutting.

Step 06.

Lastly, think about table decorations. Here, I simply used candles & a table runner.

And that's everything! Putting together a beautiful, memorable table setting is so easy, don't feel intimidated even in the least. Now bring on the stuffing & gravy! What's your favorite part of Thanksgiving? Let me know below in the comments!



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