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Shelving Decor Guide

Pretty shelves all day long. On Instagram there are two extremely satisfying kinds of posts I adore (not talking to you Miss Pimple Popper) #1. Pastry Chef's that frost the most perfect, exquisite cake's I've ever laid eyes on #2. A cohesive, beautiful shelfie

For those of you out there that are filling my feed with either, I say thank you. Know that I've spent a solid 3% of my life staring at your photos.

Moving forward! I adore adding open shelving to so many spaces because it's such a fun way to give personality to your home. You can add nicknacks & collectibles that you have accumulated from travels, your favorite books, special photos, antiques & momentos from your family, SO MANY FUN THINGS THAT EXPRESS WHO YOU ARE. Because at the end of the day, that is what your home should be, a reflection of the people that live there.

Hence, that is why I love this trend so much. It's usually pretty affordable to find some cute shelves. You could even just find some wall brackets & wooden boards & make your own! Easy peasy.

Step One: First, find shelving that fits the aesthetic of your space. I like wooden shelving for kitchens & living rooms, & glass or a metal usually fits well in a bathroom. You also don't have to limit yourself to just having one shelf. You could use several, & they're great for having extra storage. Think above a toilet or a desk.

Step Two: Get together your collection of trinkets. Here are some things to keep in mind:

- Varying heights are good and provide interest. If everything on your shelf was short or tall it would be too uniform. Mix it up!

- Plants are a favorite, always. But if you're using succulents, cacti, or other house plants, keep in mind they still need to be close to sunlight. If not, go for fake.

- Books are the best to use for stacking together. They look great either laying horizontal & placing a couple items on top, or you can keep them standing & use some nice book ends. Also, if you're placing shelving in a kitchen, think cookbooks. You can play off of the theme of the space with appropriate books.

- Lasty, don't over-decorate. Leaving some negative space is a nice way to showcase what's really important to you.

Step Three: Decorate your shelves, take a step back, admire your work, & then post a photo to Instagram so I have more shelfies to stare at. Keep in mind you can always be changing and rearranging your shelves. Think holiday decorations, new photos & collectibles. It's never ending.

Shelving Decor Guide

Do you have a favorite item on one of your shelves? Tell me about it below!



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