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Color Challenge: Yellow

When I was in high school I painted my entire bedroom bright yellow. It was my way of coping with my teenage angst, & it made me really happy. A lot of people are afraid of yellow, it's very bold and definitely and attention grabber. However, there's lots of shades of yellow that can be used in your space in a variety of ways.

For this week's color challenge I used muted yellow tones, focusing on gold & a subtle, soft yellow. I think a home office is a perfect place to incorporate yellow because it's said that the color stimulates one's memory and brain activity. Match made in heaven.

Yellow Home Office:

01. Accent Wall Wallpaper: Loving the subtle tree design on this Anthropologie wallpaper. They have such an amazing selection with beautiful designs.

02. Filing Cabinet: Everyone needs extra storage, and these even have casters on the bottom!

03. Tassel Rug: Big fan of the geometric design on this tassel rug.

04. Fiddle Leaf Fig: Everyone needs some greenery to brighten up their office.

05. Accent Chair: This chair looks so comfy, & I adore the wood work.

06. Gold Side Table: Simple, modern, sophisticated, & it compliments the other gold details in the room very well.

07. Light Fixture: These orb chandeliers that keep popping up everywhere are everything.

08. Round Shelf: To keep trinkets and books on!

09. Desk Lamp: White on gold, my favorite love story.

10. Desk: I love all the extra storage and work space this bad boy has.

11. Wall Paint Color: White walls, forever.

12. Hardwood Flooring: I think this finish matches the desk really nicely and is a good neutral.

13. Desk Chair: How comfy and beautiful?! I could handle 9-5 in this guy.

What factor would be most important when revamping your home office? Storage? Work space? Or simply having an inspiring work environment? Love to hear your thoughts!



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