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Color Challenge: Green

Everyone has a lot of mixed feelings about adding color to their spaces. Some embrace it & cannot have enough, while others are a little more finicky, finding it more difficult to commit. I tend to lean towards the latter, myself. I love neutrals, how they can be added to so easily, & how I don't have to worry about clashing or mismatching. HOWEVER, to overcome this fear myself, & to help inspire some of my readers, I have decided to do a weekly color challenge where I pick a color and focus my design aesthetic around it within a room. This could be painting an accent wall or adding accessories or pieces of furniture to bring attention to a color.

This week, for starters, we're going to go green.

It's one of my favorite colors to work with because it almost feels like a neutral. I, also, love incorporating a lot of plants in spaces, and what better way to use green?

Green Living Room:

Do you have any suggestions for next week's color challenge? A certain room or color? Let me know in the comments below!



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