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Terra-Cotta & Grey, Modern Dining Room

My favorite place to gather with a group of friends or family is around our dining room table. Good food and conversation with those you love is always a guarantee for a memorable evening, & having a curated, well put-together space to entertain and play hostess-with-the-mostess makes it even better. You can play up different aspects of your dining area with color, finishes, furniture, lighting, you name it. I adore working with dining rooms because sitting around a table to share a meal isn't necessarily common practice anymore, and there's something to be said for taking the time to tidy up your home, make a home-cooked meal, prepare a beautiful table, and commune with others.

I've put together a mood board including one of my favorite colors to work with, terra cotta, and other beautiful, modern furnishings that evoke a sense of calm and serenity.

Terra-Cotta & Grey Dining Room:

01. Pendant Lighting: These pendant lights stopped me in my tracks. They are so subtle and modern with their sleek shape and the color is a perfect match to the rest of the furnishings.

02. Area Rug: This was my inspiration for the entire room. I love the muted, floral, garden scene with pops color and the slight fringe on the edges.

03. Dining Table: The shape and finish of this table fits so perfectly in this modern space.

04. Hurricane Vases: My favorite accent to add to a table is a small cluster of vases that seasonal flowers or greenery can be added to.

05. Dining Chairs: These chairs! I'm all about woven furniture any day of the week, and then they add the cream cushions and wooden legs, & I'm undone. So beautiful.

06. Planters: Brass and wooden planters are another easy way to liven up a space. Plants are my favorite accessory, and these would make for perfect plant homes.

07. Hardwood Flooring: The greys that are coming through this flooring read so perfectly with the other greys in the room.

08. Accent Wall Color: I saw this paint sample in Lowe's Hardware and grabbed it because I had to use it somewhere. "Antelope" by Valspar is the perfect, warm, peachy color to throw on an accent wall to add some color to a room.

09. Wall Color: White walls you guys, if it's not broken don't fix it.

10. Woman's Face Wall Art: This reminded me of the painting from Drew Barrymore's film, "Ever After." It's so calming, & I love a good gallery wall. If you haven't been on Minted & checked out there collection of curated art prints, you're missing out!

11. Lake Wall Art: Again with the calm. This lake watercolor is the chillest.

12. Abstract Wall Art: The colors in this are everything.

13. Buffet: Having extra storage for that fancy copper silverware or that china that belonged to your great-grandmother is always a great idea, especially in a buffet that's this on par.



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