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Eclectic Living Room

Eclectic isn't usually my cup of tea. I like to stay within a safe little perimeter of using just a few varying styles that blend fairly seamlessly into one another. When I was in college I did a project on the Victorian Era, studying the different design concepts, why furniture & decor looked like it did during that time period. Come to find, everyone was a maximalist, & it was a giant hodgepodge of previous eras all thrown together: aka the original eclectics. It gave me anxiety, there was lace and fabric on everything from the walls to the tables, everything had a flourish or an extra embellishment. Too, too much. For the next project we got to pick our era of design. I chose the Shakers because they were the complete opposite and put embellishments on nothing and were the original minimalists.

All that said, I feel like we are in a better place now to do eclectic the right way. The design world is a little more curated, and there's so much good to pick & choose from if you go about it without throwing caution to the wind.

Recently, I'm loving the more classic molding & millwork mixed with mid-century modern or Scandinavian furniture, & then throw in some western, palm springs furnishings (rugs, art, lots of plants, etc.). I can live in this space. Now I did throw in some crazy rabbit wallpaper (remember, ECLECTIC!) What are some of your favorite styles to mix & match?

Eclectic Living Room:

08. Lamp

09. Couch

12. Rug



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