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Modern, B&W Bath

This is the first mood board I've made with plans to use it for a remodel in my own home. A little backstory: My husband & I moved into my great-aunt's childhood home this past August. The house was built in 1929, & while it has the character & uniqueness that makes older houses special, it has also come with its own share of peculiarities & difficulties. For instance, the hot water heater is setting in plain sight, out in the open at the end of a very small hallway beside of our bathroom. Also, the bathroom is SO SMALL with a pedestal sink. And it is the only restroom in our house. So, I have come up with this mood board to give life to our plans for a larger, modern bathroom. Also, I want to mix and match between black and gold hardware in this room. Specialized hardware in those colors can be VERY expensive, from several hundred to over a thousand. Ideally, I would want to get contemporary shaped silver hardware and take it to someone that does metal plating. This, often, can be a lot less expensive than purchasing faucets or other hardware that is already gold.

Modern B&W Bath:

05. Faucet

07. Vanity

11. Shelf

15. Tub



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