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Valentine's Gift Guide For Her

Ok fellas, let's talk gifts. You love your lady. She's awesome, & you just want to show her how incredible she is, yes? That being said, stuffed animals and cheap candy don't cut it. Anyone can run by the grocery store on February 14th, on their way home from work, grab some cheap flowers, some heart shaped York Peppermint Patties, & call it a night. But you're not anyone! You're her knight in shining arm, riding in on your galant stead with thoughtful, beautiful gifts in hand! This gift guide is for you. Any woman I know, myself included, would be thrilled with any combination of these, & I promise, you will thank me later.

Valentine's Gift Guide

01. Candle: Every lady I know loves a good candle. AND they're romantic. Double win.

02. Personalized Pins: These are so cute and quirky. Perfect for a jean jacket. Get matching ones! So adorable.

03. Herbivore Botanicals Gift Set: Herbivore skin care and bath products smell so good and are al natural. Plus they're packaging is everything!

04. Cute Mug: Is she a tea/coffee person? You can never have enough cute mugs.

05. Fossil Cross Body Purse: Cross body purses are so handy, and Fossil makes the cutest, on trend bags.

06. PJ Set: No one can ever have enough cute pajamas. These from Target are loose, comfy, and the print is lovely!

07. Gift Card: A gift card to her favorite nail salon or massage spa is ALWAYS a win.

08. Flower Arrangement: Find a local florist who makes garden inspired arrangements!

09. Perfume: Her favorite scent or surprise her with something new! Bloom by Gucci is a floral, fun scent that's very soft and light.

10. Chocolate Covered Strawberries: Ok, chocolate is always a win. But chocolate covered strawberries, like these by Godiva? Yes, please!



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