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DIY Watercolor Vows

I have been meaning to display my wedding vows in our home for some time now. I really love the idea of having them on display to remind my husband & I of the covenant we made to each other & how we promised to love one another. Something about writing them out myself was very gratifying because I got to sit & think on each word & remember our wedding. Not married? That's ok! Is there a song, poem, or letter you would love to have in your home that inspires you? This project is for YOU!

Also, Valentine's is right around the corner, & this would make such a lovely gift!



Watercolor Paint

Very Thin Paint Brush

Watercolor Paper

Large Eraser

Hut Glue & Hot Glue Gun

Thin Floor Molding


Gold Scew-In Hookes

Step 01:

Write out your wedding vows in a pretty script on watercolor paper in pencil. Take your time with this. It might take some do-overs to get a good idea for spacing. My husband & I wrote really long vows haha, so I had to start over a couple times to make my hand-writing smaller. **Also, leave a couple inches on the top & bottom margins of your paper. I didn't take into consideration covering up so much with the wooden frame & our names got covered a little more than I would have loved.

Step 02:

Using your thin paintbrush, start watercoloring over the pencil. I like the look of the mix of dark paint & light paint, so I didn't go super heavy on the paint all the time.

Step 03:

After letting the paint dry, take your eraser & erase the pencil underneath. If you don't let the paint dry the eraser will take off a lot of the paint.

Step 04:

Cut down your floor molding to where it's a little longer than the width of your paper. You will need 4 pieces per each piece you wish to hang. (8 total for a set of vows) I cut my molding to 10" because my paper was 9" long

Step 05:

Apply hot glue to the back of a molding piece & place your paper on top, centered & straight. Then hot glue on the front edge of the paper & press the front piece of molding down into the glue. Repeat on the opposite edge of paper.

Step 06.

Screw the 2 hooks down into the top back piece of molding on each side.

Step 07:

Pull some string through the hooks, tie a knot, & it's ready to hang!



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