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DIY Painted Pillow

Anyone else struggling because Christmas is four days away & you're not finished shopping? I

wanted to find a gift idea for you guys (& myself, let's be honest) that was thoughtful, beautiful, & could be put together on a budget & quickly.

I found websites that have lots of stencils available for you to purchase to paint pillows with. I took it a step further and made my own stencil for this craft (*that part was a little time consuming). However, any of you out there with a Cricut Cutter in your life, you could make yourself a stencil so easily & put this together super quickly.


-Pillow Cover


-Fabric Paint

-Painting Sponge



-Exacto Knife


To create your stencil from scratch like I did, print out (I recommend on cardstock) a photo of a design you like. Cut out the shapes & trace the shapes on aluminum foil. Then take your exacto knife and cut out the shapes. This is a bit tedious, & if you have access to a Cricut, I highly recommend using that.

Also, I make my own pillowcase. You can easily use a store bought one; however, I find it cheaper to make your own. I really like the look of linen and bought 1 yard of fabric to make a case for my 18x18'' pillow. Here a link to a previous post where I show how to make your own.

Step 01.

Stuff some cardboard into your pillow case so the paint doesn't bleed through.

Step 02.

Tape down the corners of your pillow case.

Step 03.

Flatten out your stencil onto your pillowcase & center it. Then tape it down to the pillow case.

Step 04.

Paint over the stencil gently with up and down motions. Holding down the stencil close to the sponge helps.

Step 05.

Pull up the stencil & touch up any places necessary.



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