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DIY Wire Star Ornament

These handmade ornaments are so incredibly fun! I want to make it a tradition every year to make some kind of new ornament to add to our collection. I love these wire star ornaments because most of the supplies required to make them, I already had at home. Also, you can really start to pump a lot of them out once you get set up.


-scrap piece of wood





Step 01:

Hammer 5 nails into the wood in the shape of a star

Step 02:

Wrap wire around outer points of the star

Step 03:

Remove wire from wood by hammering nails inward to pull the star off.

Step 04:

Cut 4 pieces of wire & wrap around outer points to secure

Step 05:

Wrap wire in a star shape around inner body of star

Step 06:

Tie a piece of twine around top of star & embellish with wire



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