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Clay Branch Ornament DIY

Awaken your inner minimalist with these rustic, clay branch ornaments. These are super easy & can be used as ornaments or gift embellishments when wrapping. I love their simplicity & how they give your Christmas decor a nostalgic, hand-made touch.


-White Polymer Clay

-Evergreen Tree Branches

-Rolling Pin

-Candy Stick

-Wooden Beads (Optional : wire)

-Cookie Cutter


-Baking Sheet & Wax Paper

Step 01:

Roll out clay with rolling pin

Step 02:

Lay out design with branches onto your flattened clay & roll the design onto the clay.

Step 03:

Cut out ornament's shape with cookie cutter

Step 04:

Make a hole in the top of the ornament with candy stick for string to go through

Step 05:

Bake clay ornaments in the oven according to the packaging on your specific clay. I baked ine for 20 minutes at 275 degrees fahrenheit.

Step 06:

After cooling, string the ornaments with twine. You can add wood bead & wire embellishments as you like.



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