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Color Challenge: Red

Get all that? Geez red, I think you've hogged all the emotions.

Therefore, when incorporating red into a space, keep in mind how bold of a color it is. It can communicate and trigger so many emotions and responses in people. My mom and my friend's mothers have often used a lot of red and burgundy in their kitchens and living rooms. I swear my mom has always had at least one room outfitted in red curtains as long as I've been alive. So it always reminds me of apples (a popular kitchen decoration in the 90s - along with chickens ha) and evokes a very maternal feeling to me.

A trend I've been loving recently, though, is the vintage rugs in bold colors that are taking center stage in a lot neutral, masculine themed spaces. The styles are so beautiful ranging from Oriental to Mid-Western, & they make me feel a little like I'm in a castle (think King Arthur's Court with tapestries and rugs everywhere). So, I knew I wanted to find a beautiful, rich red rug for this dining room.

Red Dining Room:

02. Mirror

05. Buffet

10. Rug

How would you use red in your home? Let me know below in the comments!



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