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Fall-Inspired Living Room

Ok, I'll admit it. I'm on the pumpkin loving, candle burning, scarf wearing, coffee drinking, leaf crunching band wagon, with all the other crazies. When I woke up the other morning and had to reach back inside for a light jacket, I inwardly squealed knowing fall is just around the bend. It's the equivalent of when Lorelai Gilmore smells snow.

That being said, I have put together an autumn-lover's dream living-room inspiration board featuring the most lovely moody & warm textures & colors. If you're not tasting nutmeg or smelling pumpkin-spice by the end of the post, I clearly have failed.

Fall-Inspired Living Room:

01. Wood Flooring: I adore the contrast of this dark, wooden flooring against the lighter creams in this space.

02. Wall Paint Color: I'm usually the first in the line for a nice, clean white wall. It just didn't feel right for this room, though. My most favorite fall colors are the often-forgotten burgundies, figs, and berries, & I wanted to incorporate them somewhere in this room. "Apache Red" by Benjamin Moore has this dusty, dark rose feel that I'm absolutely swooning after.

03. Chair & Ottoman: This chair and ottoman set looks so comfortable. I would definitely be down for cuddling up with a warm mug of cider and good book on this bad boy.

04. Indigo Wall Art: Pops of indigo are so beautiful and earthy. Also, these golden frames are the perfect accent to go with the mostly warm color palette.

05. Knit Blanket: My mother-in-law made my husband and I this beautiful hand-knit blanket for our wedding, and it's still our favorite in our home. They're so cozy and the perfect go-to for those chilly mornings and evenings.

06. Leather Couch: This is probably to most popular couch on Instagram, & there's good reason for it. It's so beautiful, and the caramely, rust color is everything.

07. Coffee Table: This hammered gold and marble coffee table is what interior-dreams are made out of.

08. Rug: Fringe rugs have my heart, & this one has my soul. The simple geometric design and subtle colors are everything you've ever needed.

09. Wheat Wreath: Happy Harvest ladies and gents! It doesn't get any more fall than this. And you just have to hang it up against a mirror and let out your inner shabby-chic queen.

10. Wall Mirror: The details in this carved, wooden mirror are so delicate and lovely. Place this above your fireplace or piano.

11. Velvet Chairs: These moody, velvety chairs? ....Yes & yes. I love symmetric seating. It adds a little formality to a room.

12. Accent Table: Because I love the coffee table so much it needs its matching friend!

Now go let fall takeover your living-room, put on your favorite Tim Burton film, light up that Apple Cinnamon candle, and thank me later ; )



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