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Dorm Room Mood Board

It's that time again! Back to school means freshly sharpened pencils, new backpacks, and most importantly, new dorm room furnishings! I distinctly remember purchasing my room decor for freshman year. I was going to an out-of-state school where I knew no-one, and being able to start from square one and create a fresh, new space was thrilling to me! I've created this feminine & masculine dorm room mood board with that idea of a fresh start in mind. I'm loving the peachy hues & lighter pastels I've included for the girls, and the contrasting dark and light elements for the guys.

Feminine Dorm Room:

01. Sheets: I only have white sheets in my house, but I'm recently loving neutral sheets with delicate, little details on them. I think these with gold wheat details are adorable.

02. Peach Medallion Bedding: Adore the color of this bedding and the fringe detail, this looks so cozy and warm to cuddle up with.

03. Velvet Chair: All the heart eyes for anything velvet, and to have a comfy, beautiful chair to do homework or get ready in would have been such a dream in college.

04. White & Gold Desk: I love all the storage space this has and the open room underneath you could use for storage. The crisp, clean lines would pair perfectly with the other light, pastel colors in the space.

05. Floral Fringe Rug: How lovely and feminine is this fringe rug?

06. White Curtains: White curtains are my go to. They maintain the light in a space and make a space feel extra airy and delicate.

07. Twin Canopy Bed: I am such a sucker for canopy beds. I've loved them since I was little. Add some white linens to this one and be the envy of every girl on your hall.

08. Wood Base Planter: Plants are such a fun addition to a dorm room. They make it feel so homey and lived in, and add a bright pop of color.

09. Fringe Pillow: Fringe pillow, always.

10. Print Wall Art: The colors in these prints are everything!

11. Pom Pillow: Can you ever really have enough white throw pillow, though?

Masculine Dorm Room:

01. Sheets: Boys need darker sheets, it's just a fact.

02. Striped Bedding: My inner minimalist is obsessing over the pin-stripe, subtle detailing on this duvet.

03. Leather Chair: You have to throw some leather in there somewhere. What's more masculine than a leather chair?

04. Wooden Desk: Loving the clean lines and simple shape of this wooden desk.

05. Grey Rug: The geometric shapes on this rug go perfectly with the minimalistic vibe in this space.

06. Minimal Lamp: Having a good reading lamp is a priority, might as well make it a sleek, beautiful one like this.

07. Navy Curtains: The deep indigo in these curtains would go perfectly with colors in the wall art above the bed.

08. Black & White Planter: My love for all things black & white gets the best of me every post. What can I say?

09. Abstract Wall Art: If you haven't yet, do yourself a favor & go peruse all of the swoon-worthy wall-decor over at McGee&Co. Promise you won't be sorry.

10. Twin Wooden Bed: Again with the sleek minimal wood pieces. So good.

11. Brown Pillow: Most of the guys I knew in college didn't have throw pillows; however, it's probably because they hadn't seen this one, yet.

12. Black Pillow: Or this one ;)

What was your favorite dorm-room furnishing from college? Mine was this vintage framed photo of dried roses that is still hanging in my bedroom five years later. Let me know in the comments below!



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