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Our Favorite Kitchen Nooks

Dining rooms are glorious and wonderful for large gatherings; however, there's something special about having a cozy, little dining nook put together for eating breakfast or sharing a cup of coffee with a friend.

I have put together a list of three different styles, Modern + Pastel, Coastal + Farmhouse, & Traditional + Transitional. I incorporated dining chairs, a dining table, round rug, lighting fixture, & some wall decor for each space. Let me know which is your favorite in the comments below!

Modern + Pastel:

01. White Dining Chair: Article is the place to go for all of your mid-century modern furniture needs. They'll hook you up.

02. Jute Rug: I've had my eye on this bad boy for some time now, so I was really happy to incorporate it in a mood board.

03. Chandelier: How fun is this light fixture?

04. Head Over Heals Wall Color: I see other people with pink rooms in their homes, and I always think to myself, "They're doing it right." A space as small as a kitchen nook could be a great opportunity to use a really fun wall color that you might normally be intimidated by.

05. Wall Clock: So you don't run late for work ;)

06. Small Framed Agate Art: Loving how agate and other natural stones are making their way Into the scene.

07. Large Framed Agate Canvas: The cotton-candy colors in this glossy agate canvas are stunning and go beautifully with the wall color.

08. White & Gold Dining Table: The glossy, gold legs on this table are so sleek and match the rest of the gold finishes.

Coastal + Farmhouse:

01. Braided Jute Rug: I have a weakness for natural fiber rugs. They get me every time.

02. White Dining Chair: I will incorporate bamboo in rooms 'til the day I die. It adds an Oriental vibe, & I especially love these in white.

03. Blue Wallpaper: This wallpaper. I can't. How beautiful and calming is the color, and then the bearded irises? I'm all in.

04. Lantern Light Fixture: A big trend I'm seeing is having light fixtures that you would typically see outside brought in and used as pendants. Loving the gold finish on this one by Circa Lighting.

05. Gold Gallery Wall Frames: These are really subtle but so beautiful and could hold anything from tasteful family photos to beautiful art or prints.

06. Farmhouse Dining Table: The finish on this table is the perfect weathered color that compliments the coastal vibe perfectly.

Traditional + Transitional

01. Wool Rug: Not going to lie, finding pretty, round rugs was a little more difficult than I anticipated; however, I love the subtle design on this one from Pottery Barn.

02. French Provincial Dining Chairs: I'm obsessed with the distressed, dark finish on these chairs. They're a little moody but have the traditional cane back. 10/10

03. Pine Green Wall Color: Really loving these dark, cooler accent wall colors, recently.

04. Framed Sepia Botanical Prints: McGee&Co. has THE PRETTIEST wall decor ever. The simplicity of these is very subtle & quaint.

05. Hanging Shade Light Fixture: I can't go without adding some gold or brass to a space.

06. Light Washed Dining Table: The shape of this table is so unique, it really holds its own. The smooth lines give it a modern feel, but then you have the light washed wood that makes it also rustic and weathered.



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