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Gender-Neutral Baby Nursery

This post is extra special because it's much more personal than my usual mood boards. My husband and I are expecting come January, and this week we find out the gender of our little blossom. We are beyond elated; however, it has been a true test of patience trying to hold off on picking things for our nursery. I enjoy working with pretty neutral palettes in general; therefore, I challenged myself to come up with a mood board for a nursery that I would be proud of for either a little baby boy or girl. This was so enjoyable and not as difficult as I initially thought it would be. My goal was to create a space that I, as a mother, would enjoy being in, that would remain relevant for several years as baby grows, and that would captivate the imagination and spark creativity in a little one.

The main features of this room include mid-century furniture with simple shapes, an indigo & olive green color palette, brass, rose-gold, & wooden accents, & a beautiful printed wallpaper.

Gender-Neutral Baby Nursery:

01. Ship-Lap Accent Wall: I wanted to do something other than a plain white wall, so I incorporated a ship-lap accent wall to add interest and texture

02. Wood Flooring: I incorporated a lot of dark woods in this space, and I think the dark stain on this flooring is especially beautiful.

03. Wallpaper: My most favorite trend in nurseries right now are the beautiful, printed wallpapers that are popping up. How fun is this "Barn Owls & Hollyhocks" print available in rose gold?

04. Crib: Not only is this crib gorgeous, but it's also a convertible crib that can grow with your baby and turn into a toddler bed.

05. Woven Throw: This looks so cozy and warm

06. Rocking Chair: I'm adoring how actual rockers are coming around as opposed to gliders. The sleek wood and beautiful color of the fabric on this one had me sold instantly.

07. Mirrored Accent Pillow: Anthropologie can do no wrong when it comes to throw pillows. This East-Asian inspired pillow is no exception with its beautiful mirrored detail and gold embellishment.

08. Plush Llama: Nate Berkus's llama inspired collection for babies is the most adorable thing you've ever seen.

09. Embroidered Accent Pillow: I love this pop of red in the room.

10. Wooden Blocks: Wooden toys for babies are so charming and blocks are such a classic staple for young children.

11. Vintage Children's Books: Not only are these vintage books beautiful, but they would make for the perfect go-to bed-time stories.

12. Rattan Rocking Horse: Rattan, woven animals are another favorite of mine for children's rooms. And this one isn't just for decoration!

13. Woven Area Rug: Having hard-wood flooring in a nursery, it's important to incorporate lots of soft textures on the floor for them play and crawl around on. This lovely area rug from Serena&Lilly would make for a gorgeous, neutral addition to this nursery.

14. Lighting Fixture: I promise, if putting wooden, beaded chandeliers in every room wasn't over kill, I would do it.

15. Dresser/Changing Table: Mid-century modern furniture is perfect for a nursery because of the simple, geometric design. After baby is out of diapers, the changing section can simply be removed to make this just a dresser.

16. Feather Wall Prints: The Little Interior puts outs some amazing prints for nurseries and children's spaces. The soft, indigo colors in these feather prints pairs super well the other dark blue furnishings.

17. Rabbit Wall Hook/Curtain Pull: Rabbits are my favorite animal, so when I saw these I had to incorporate them. They would make for such charming curtain ties or hooks for bags or coats.

18. Velvet Curtains: Velvet everything.

20. Leather Ottoman: Momma's got to prop her feet up somewhere!

21. Globe: Start em' young on geography with this oh-so-fancy globe.

22. Floor Pillows: Having these to stack for baby or parents to sit on while playing on the floor would work so nicely, especially on hard-wood flooring.

Mommas out there! What has been your must-have in your little one's nursery? Asking for a friend ;) Let me know in the comments!



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