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Gold Accent, Modern Bathroom Mood Board

My favorite trend right now is the use of gold and brass hardware in kitchens and bathrooms. It instantly makes a space feel polished and luxurious. There's not a huge selection out there; however, if you're willing to dig around you can find some really beautiful pieces that are sleek and modern. Also, I'm a huge proponent of freestanding bathtubs. They're such a classic focal point in master baths that make them feel serene and extravagant. Clients seem to have really strong feelings towards soaking tubs; they're either completely on board or not interested at all. Either way, showers can also make a statement. I'm recently loving the idea of bringing outdoor elements inside and using them in unconventional ways, such as a concrete shower. I think natural or outdoor elements make a bathroom feel very spa-like and really up the tranquility factor. Lastly, I am ADORING the use of cement printed tile for flooring in small spaces such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, or kitchens. I think it really adds so much interest to a space that could otherwise be overlooked. What are your favorite furnishings you're seeing incorporated recently in bathrooms?

Gold Accent, Modern Bath:

01. Bath Faucet: I would feel like a Hollywood movie-star with this faucet on my tub.

02. Bath Tub: The shape of this soaking tub is so beautiful and ergonomic.

03. Concrete Shower: Who would have ever thought concrete could be so lovely and desirable? I don't know if I would be able to choose between showering or soaking in the tub with these two.

04. Shower Faucet: The boxy shape of this plays really nicely off of the shape of the mirrors.

05. Flush Mount Light Fixture: The gold accent inside of this light fixture would give off the most radiant, while not overpowering, glow.

06. Handle: I would want to replace the hardware on the vanity with gold to match the rest of the space, and these are similar to what is currently shown.

07. Knob: I love how these bar knobs mimic so closely to the pull handles.

08. Wall Sconce Light Fixture: I love the retro, mid-century vibe these have. The shape reminds me of those old vanities with the lights all around them and feels very glamorous, yet modern and sleek.

09. Mirror: These clean, contemporary mirrors are the perfect subtle accent to compliment this space.

10. Sink Hardware: These knobs are so adorable and vintage. Yes & yes.

11. Double Vanity: You've got to incorporate wood somewhere, no? I love the color of this stain, it pairs so nicely with the gold hardware and the accent rug. Also, the white quartz countertop is extremely clean and wouldn't draw attention away from the other elements in the space.

12. Rug: I love the lived in feel a good rug can offer. Sadly this one is sold out, but a girl can dream, right?

13. Accent Wall Paint Color: I'm not shying away from a pop of color in this space. I think an accent wall in "Tucson Teal" by Benjamin Moore would add just the right amount of charm in this bathroom.

14. Cement Tile Flooring: I would be posting all the feet selfies on Instagram if this were in my bathroom.

15. Wall Paint Color: "Super White" by Benjamin Moore, we meet again. This paint color is always here for me and my need for a beautiful, white wall, and I'm eternally grateful.



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