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Our Favorite Backsplashes

We have compiled a list of our favorite backsplashes that we love to use. Backsplashes can add so much interest to a kitchen and do a great job at protecting the walls from wear. We hope this is helpful for you to compare and contrast when picking a backsplash to update or renovate your own kitchen!

01. Lantern: This is a little on the preppier side, but is so beautiful & feminine. I could, also, see this taking a Moroccan twist with some really cool brass lanterns and Turkish rugs.

02. Scalloped: I think this is one is so fun and not used very much. They make a lot of scalloped tiles with pearlescent finishes made to resemble fish scales.

03. Herringbone: This is my personal favorite. I've been noticing herringbone patterns everywhere lately, in hardwood floors, brick, and tile. I think it's also a lesser used pattern that really makes a statement.

04. Subway: Everyone's favorite, & it's no wonder. It's simple, modern, and the clean lines can be played up so many ways. You really can't go wrong with the classic white tile paired with black grout. Recently, I've also seen granite or quartz subway tile with gold schluter strips inlayed to look like golden grout. So beautiful.

05. Cement Tile: These come in SO many amazing prints, I don't know if I could ever choose one. I love the aztec, south-western designs that are so bohemian and fun.

06. Hexagon: I adore how modern and geometric this tile is. It looks like a giant honeycomb, & and I'm a huge fan.

Comment below and let us know which is your favorite!

(All photos found on Pinterest)



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